Eos Rose (eosrose) wrote in assiah,
Eos Rose

Predictability (PG-13)

Fandom: Kaine (Manga)
Pairing: Kaine & Die
Theme: #56 "So you think I'm predictable? You think I can't surprise you in any way? Would you like to bet on that?" / DGRFA
Word Count: 1,102
Warnings: M/M
Summary: Die has been doing nothing but work lately, and Kaine is sick and tired of it. Post-manga.
Disclaimer: Kaine © Kaori Yuki.

Die was ignoring him. This was nothing new, of course; since his release from the hospital after his most recent brush with death, his ever-constant companion had been far too preoccupied with the break-up of Endorphine and the resulting problems to spend overmuch time entertaining him.

So this is my contribution to the community! Outside of Kaine, I have also read Boys Next Door and watched the Angel Sanctuary OAV. All I have to say is: wow. Kaori Yuki sure knows how to take her audience on a ride, doesn't she?
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