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Short Survey


Slightly OT but I hope it is understandable... ^_^

In lieu of my most recent addiction, manga, I was *thinking* of making a community/wiki/blog/i_still_don't_know_really that would provide information and resources to manga aficcionados and manga n00bs like myself was [like 5 days ago]. Basically, my idea is a manga reviews community/blog/wiki/whatever... I've browsed around the LJ communities and there seems to be no community like this [while there is one for anime, unfair...]. I was hoping you could help me by commenting and answering a few simple questions. :]

Comments and other suggestions [in addition to answering the survey] will be greatly appreciated!

1. Do you read manga?
2. If not, would you perhaps be interested in reading manga in the future?
oomp. baka na... i thought i edited this out...

1. Would you be interested in reading reviews about it?

2. Would you be interested in writing reviews of different manga?

That's all, thanks!!!

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