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Yuki Kaori is God.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Yuki Kaori is God.

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Yuki Kaori Collectible Cards for sale! [24 Mar 2011|12:57pm]

Hi all!

Selling some beautiful Kaori Yuki collectible cards HERE!

Please feel free to take a look, thank you!
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Manga (hopefully such posts are allowed) [28 Jul 2010|08:33pm]

Hi guys,
for a few years I had been a great fan of Kaori Yuki's work and even went to such extenses as purchasing a Godchild manga.

Several years have passed and I realised I should no longer keep it because different interests have taken my mind, so I was wondering if any of you, fellow otaku, would like to obtain the Godchild manga in paper.

The condition of the manga is the same as I had gotten it, and quite frankly, I had only looked through it once or twice, so the binding of the pages in all books is strong and doesn't have any bents.

Under cut, posting some photos of the manga.

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If someone would be interested in having this manga, please send me a message and we can settle on the price.
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New work [08 Jun 2010|12:36pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello there!

I dunno if you're aware of it, Yuki-sensei is going to start a new series on July 28, published in a new magazine by Kodansha called "Aria". Aaand today (!) I've seen they released the title of the series here on their site. I'm not sure how to read it, whether it'd be "iiki no oni" or perhaps "iiki no ki", or... Anyway, check the link since there's a plot summary there (in Japanese). The story seems to be something dark again... but if anyone can translate it correctly, they'd be more than welcome ^_^

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[15 Jun 2009|01:19pm]

08 → ludwig kakumei

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[03 Jan 2009|07:36pm]


Kaori Yuki's Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan dedicated community. ningyou_kyuutei
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[28 Dec 2008|07:34pm]

hey guys! i'm a newbie here. i've recently started reading angel sanctuary (my very first manga) and i just couldn't let it go. it's my new addiction. i love the story, characers, and kaori yuki's style of drawing. can't wait to start cain's saga and godchild :D. i'm just curious about one thing. heard there have been some interviews with the voice actors and kaori yuki also, but i can't seem to find them anywhere. could anyone help?
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Spanish Forum of Count Cain [06 Oct 2008|04:43am]


Hello!!! =^O^=
I made a new forum about Count Cain and Kaori Yuki's works =^_____^=
The forum is into Spanish. If you are interesting, please, visit here =^_______^=
The forum is:

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affiliation [26 Aug 2008|08:32am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello! I was wondering if I could affiliate my new Angel Sanctuary community, seraphicasylum, with this community? ^^

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EVERYONE VOTE FOR Kaori Yuki'sNingyou Kyuutei Gakudan!!! NOW!! [08 Jun 2008|01:34am]

Aeriandra Scans is putting up a poll on what ppl want to see more of in their future projects, and Yuki Kaori's new work 'Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan', aka Puppet Imperial Court Orchestra and it has got the LOWEST AMOUNT OF VOTES!! VOTE FOR NINGYOU KYUUTEI GAKUDAN, I BEG YOU!!!

Go here and vote for the poll on the right hand side. NOW!!!!

Remember: it's called Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan.
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Angel Sanctuary Rociel&Alexiel Cosplay [25 May 2008|10:06pm]

We are first Ukrainian cosplay-group, V[isual] Idols.
We want to know, how you like our new Angel Sanctuary cosplay. Our Kira Winter made cosplay on Rociel, and Miel Rosenshoen on Alexiel. Photographer - Fei

Betina. We did our best, so, please send us some comments ^_^
And let's be friends! <3

/ // / /
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Angel Sanctuary moodtheme! [18 Apr 2008|03:17pm]

[1] Angel Sanctuary
[1] Vampire Knight

Here @ souai
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★ seventy icons [08 Mar 2008|06:15pm]

→ 10 icons
→ 20 icons
→ 01 colored scan
→ 10 icons
→ 01 colored scan
→ 10 icons
→ 01 colored scan
→ 10 icons
→ 10 icons

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54 Kaori Yuki Icons [16 Jul 2007|04:04am]

[ mood | nervous ]

54 icons from various Kaori Yuki series including Angel Sanctuary, Godchild, and Boys Next Door. Sorry they are poorly made.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Can be found here

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[01 Jan 2007|03:11pm]

Angel Sanctuary
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Predictability (PG-13) [31 Jul 2006|08:58pm]

Fandom: Kaine (Manga)
Pairing: Kaine & Die
Theme: #56 "So you think I'm predictable? You think I can't surprise you in any way? Would you like to bet on that?" / DGRFA
Word Count: 1,102
Warnings: M/M
Summary: Die has been doing nothing but work lately, and Kaine is sick and tired of it. Post-manga.
Disclaimer: Kaine © Kaori Yuki.

Die was ignoring him. This was nothing new, of course; since his release from the hospital after his most recent brush with death, his ever-constant companion had been far too preoccupied with the break-up of Endorphine and the resulting problems to spend overmuch time entertaining him.

So this is my contribution to the community! Outside of Kaine, I have also read Boys Next Door and watched the Angel Sanctuary OAV. All I have to say is: wow. Kaori Yuki sure knows how to take her audience on a ride, doesn't she?
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[28 Jul 2006|10:38am]

Angel Sanctuary Goodies/Keychains/Phonestraps/Pins/Bracelet/Necklace/Figures/Cosplay Items.... !!!

Check out for more manga/anime goods (artbooks, tarot cards, calendars, pencil boards...) at my LJ Sale
cross-posted anywhere i can :P
i'm sorry if this is not acceptable here :( . please let me know and i'll delete it myself.
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Short Survey [09 Jun 2006|11:09pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Slightly OT but I hope it is understandable... ^_^

In lieu of my most recent addiction, manga, I was *thinking* of making a community/wiki/blog/i_still_don't_know_really that would provide information and resources to manga aficcionados and manga n00bs like myself was [like 5 days ago]. Basically, my idea is a manga reviews community/blog/wiki/whatever... I've browsed around the LJ communities and there seems to be no community like this [while there is one for anime, unfair...]. I was hoping you could help me by commenting and answering a few simple questions. :]

Comments and other suggestions [in addition to answering the survey] will be greatly appreciated!

1. Do you read manga?
2. If not, would you perhaps be interested in reading manga in the future?
oomp. baka na... i thought i edited this out...

1. Would you be interested in reading reviews about it?

2. Would you be interested in writing reviews of different manga?

That's all, thanks!!!


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free to a good home [05 Jun 2006|01:14pm]

My manga collection is in for a long-overdue culling, so the following are free to a good home. Just comment here saying which item you want, and e-mail your mailing address to detritus at gmail.com

1. Bad Company (Prequel to Great Teacher Onizuka, set in Onizuka's high-school days.)
Stand-alone volume
By Touru Fujisawa
Taiwan Chinese edition, Tong Li Comics

2. 残酷的童话 (Cruel Fairytales)
Stand-alone volume
By Kaori Yuki
Taiwan Chinese edition, Da Ran Comics

3. Trigun
Volume 2
By Yasuhiro Nightow
Taiwan Chinese edition, Tong Li comics

4. RahXephon
Volume 1
Story by BONES Yutaka Izubuchi, Art by Takeaki Momose
Singapore English edition, Chuang Yi comics

The complete 20 volumes of Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary (Taiwan Chinese edition, Da Ran Comics) are also available for a nominal, negotiable fee. Trade/payment in kind can also be negotiated.

currently being negotiated, thank you for your interest.

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spam-spam-spam [08 Feb 2006|10:30pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey ... we've only recieved one submission so far for the Count Cain voiceplay :o ... (a very nice submission :D!) ... but if we do not recieve a few more volunteers there simply aren't going to be enough people to get this thing going :o ... I know some people had expressed interest in this, so if you've forgotten, are feeling shy, but are in fact interested, [pleeease 8o] send in your stuff :O. Sorry for the spamming <.<;...

If you've somehow missed my first two posts, details are here ...


Edit:(Oh hey! I'm lying ... I just checked my inbox and I've got three submissions, but still, send in an audition everyone :O)

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[12 Dec 2005|04:20pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

An old fic I wrote about Sevothtarte. Warning: Major spoilers.

MirrorCollapse )

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